Three Steps to Heal After An Abortion

It doesn’t matter whether a day, a week, or a month has passed after your abortion; if you are going through some complex emotions, then you are not alone. The truth is that women are prone to experience mental health issues after an abortion.

You should know that healing is a thorough process, and each individual has a different need to heal and feel okay after an abortion.

The following steps can help the healing process after an abortion.

Sit With Your Emotions

There is nothing that you can do to numb the emotions instantly, which is why we recommend engaging with your emotions and sitting with your feelings. Of course, you must opt for a post abortion treatment that has been exclusively crafted to fill your individual needs – but – we also encourage you to set aside a period of time where you intentionally explore your feelings.

It is natural to want to push away any thoughts related to your miscarriage or abortion experience as you might feel fear – even shame. But – if you want to heal fully, you must engage with your feelings so you can move on from the experience.

Take Your Time to Grief

Everyone handles grief differently – however – it is incredibly important to understand why you must allow yourself to grieve after the abortion. The thing about abortion is that it can be a controversial topic, which can cause most women to push away their feelings of sadness, grief, and loss.

However, we are here to tell you that it is perfectly all right to express your raw emotions related to your experience of abortion. You might have had an abortion two years ago, and you might not have given yourself permission to grieve. In this case, it is not too late to grieve now, as your feelings are valid.

Once you have allowed yourself to grieve, you will find it easier to move forward and enjoy a better quality of life.

Process Your Feelings in A Safe Spot

Always find a safe space to process your feelings. Sometimes, it can be incredibly hard to handle all emotions on your own, which is why it is okay to seek a counselor and have someone you can speak to and let it all out. You might not want to speak to anyone now, in which case, we recommend getting a journal and starting journaling by writing down everything that you are feeling or have been feeling since the abortion.

Once you have found a safe spot to talk about the experience and your feelings, you will have an easier time moving on and experiencing the life journey with more confidence and peace of heart.

The Takeaway

If you have had an abortion, you should know that you are not alone. Why, you might ask. The truth is that at least half of all pregnancies end in miscarriages, which means that there are countless post-abortive women like you who have had a similar experience. You can find groups and communities where post-abortive women support each other by sharing their experiences and stories.