Improving Home Security with Smart Devices

Home Security

Would you have ever figured that home automation would become so easy and affordable? Because it is now. It’s been a while since Smart Home was considered as just a concept because now they are an actual reality, with people living in actual smart homes. If that isn’t brilliant then we don’t know what is.

When it comes to smart homes, most of the time they are lauded for their ability to inexpensively automate a household, with the remote control access through smartphones, voice-enabled control and Hubs, not to mention the other plethora of unique features each device brings with it. What they are also most commonly purchased for, to swap out with their traditional counterparts, is that smart devices are far more energy-efficient, not just because of the technology that they bring with them, but because they usually come built-in with motion sensors, use location tracking, have a scheduling option on their mobile apps. There is no room for unnecessarily wasting energy. And on the plus side, the energy efficiency is what lets homeowners cut down on their utility bills over time!

But another factor about smart devices that prove to be quite advantageous for homeowners, is the added security that they bring forth. How is that? Well, smart devices come with their associated mobile applications, so features like remote control access also mean that homeowners have the freedom to access their homes and the devices from wherever they may be. Here are some examples of smart devices and ways in which they can improve home security to explain it better.

  1. Motion Detector Lighting For the Garage

Smart Lighting is pretty useful and not just because as we already mentioned that it can help homeowners make use of electricity more efficiently, but also because it can be ideal to use when it comes to home security. Smart lights are available in various forms, the common one being LED smart bulbs that can be controlled individually or even through voice enabled control and Hubs like ZigBee and IFTTT. So how do they work in favor of home security?

You would find that it is usually through the garage where intruders enter a home. Mostly because people tend to be lazy about shutting the garage door leaving it open in case they have to take the car out in a bit again. Having motion detector garage lights would go a long way in helping catch intruders or even just rodents.

  1. Smart Door Locks at Entry Points

A keyless and tamperproof way to secure your homes is by installing a smart lock at your front and back doors. Locks are easy to pick, keys can be duplicated as well, but smart locks require personal interference in order to unlock a door.

Given that people use both front and backdoors, oftentimes it happens so that people can forget to lock either one, especially the back door that’s mostly in the kitchen, the patio area, or the living room. And that is one of the favorites for intruders to make their way into a home if not through an unlocked window. Smart Locks can be unlocked using personalized passcodes, or with the tap of a button on our smartphones – there’s many ways.

But the greatest feature is that some smart locks can be set to automatically lock themselves as soon as the door shuts, or scheduled for certain hours of the day. It becomes a safety net for homeowners. Not just that, each smart lock comes with its own mobile app, just like every smart device does, and what this allows is for homeowners to check the lock status from their smartphones and even initiate the lock if they have to.

  1. Switching To Smart Cameras

Smart Cameras feature a technology that a regular surveillance camera is not even capable of. They are built differently, in more compact sizes that come in wireless variants too. They connect to the home Wi-Fi network to provide around-the-clock live footage with storage back up too, and straight to your smartphone! That’s right, smart cameras allow homeowners to view the video footage from their phones, so you could be on the going on vacation, or even just in the next room while at home, and you have the ease of watching over your home from the palm of your hands.

Smart cameras have multiple features, like alerts to your phone when movement is detected within the frame, night vision, two-way audio for easy communication and facial recognition in some. So how would these not be helpful in beefing up the security at your home?


Likewise, there are of course a lot more smart devices out there in the market for homeowners to install in their homes, and each is quite useful. So when it comes down to home security, remember that there are alternatives to installing security alarms provided by independent security companies, and that is smart devices! Head on over to and check out their Smart Home catalog today. You would definitely find something worth the investment!